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Roofing Services in El Paso

Your roof is what stands between you and the elements. It keeps the rain, wind, and air out so you can sleep and live soundly. It keeps your family safe. As a whole, its maintenance and repair are essential to the energy consumption of your home, your comfort, and your safety.


Diaz Services offers professional roofing installation and repairs to ensure your roof is functioning at its optimal level and never compromising the structure of your home.  


Roofing Repairs

Taking care of your roof means paying attention to many different aspects — from the shingles to the flashing, to gutters, leaks and more. Roofing is complex and without careful inspection, problems can go unseen until it is too late. Without routine maintenance, you may experience the following problems:


Moisture and/or leaks: When rainwater, snow, or debris gets into the layers of roofing or seeps in through edges or leaks, damage to the structure begins to occur. Our roofing experts will identify where the leak is coming from and address the issue directly.


Storm damage: Damage from extreme weather like storms, wind storms, snow, sleet or hail can damage shingles and other parts of the roof. Diaz Services can inspect your roof after a storm and fix any damage that might have been caused.


Bad flashing: In the places where your roof is penetrated like chimneys, skylights, or pipes, the flashing is the material that seals those areas. If it is badly installed or sloppily done, it will cause damage.


Faulty installation: Many people might not realize that their roof has been badly installed until it’s too late. If you suspect that your roof was not installed properly, hire a professional to inspect it and identify any potential shortcomings. Diaz Services will identify any problems with installation and remedy them.

New Roof Installations

Perhaps damage, age, or wear and tear has finally gotten the best of your roof and it’s time to install a completely new one. This is a large task, which is why we take this responsibility very seriously. Depending on your situation and the condition of your roof, it is often better to get a new roof installed instead of waiting until the structural damage to your home is severe. Diaz Services performs full new roof installations.


A few items to consider for new roof installations include:

  • Initial inspection: A Diaz Service professional will inspect your roof to better advise you of damage and options for repair and replacement.

  • Tear off and overlay: Depending on the conditions of your existing roof, we will advise you on whether you should replace the entire roof or simply place the new shingles above the old ones.


Common Types of Roofs

There are many materials available for a roof, each with different benefits and qualities. A lot of times it depends on what you, the homeowner, decides is best for your home as well as the climate of where you live. We will offer you our professional advice so you can make an informed decision.  


Here are some of the types of roofs we service:

  • Asphalt shingles: Asphalt roofs remain the most popular choice for homeowners because they offer a sturdy and reliable roof without exorbitant costs. People can choose between fiberglass and organic shingles.

  • Clay and concrete tiles: These come in different styles but are generally known to add a touch of elegance and architectural grace to any home. They are very long-lasting and heavier to install so they need to be installed by a professional.

  • Metal Roofing: This kind of roofing is ideal for more extreme weather conditions. It is very durable, long-lasting, and has high solar reflectance. They can come in stainless steel, zinc, copper, and aluminum and can be done in panels or shingles.

  • Slate: This is a slightly more expensive type of roofing that offers some pretty eye-catching elegance, as it comes in distinctive colors.

Another method we use is composite shingle roofing. Composite shingle roofing is most commonly used for houses. It involves combining different materials, such as wood, slate, flagstone, or metal to create a shingle. Both methods are effective for roofs. Here at Diaz Services, we can help you with roof installations and make sure you get the right roof for your home or business.

Roof Inspections

Roof inspections are preventative measures; an experienced roofer comes over to your home and checks for potential problems or damage. Our roof experts will inspect missing, broken, or blistering shingles, cracked caulk or problem spots on flashing, worn rubber around vent pipes, possible leak spots, and more.

Diaz Services Roofing Services

We pride ourselves in providing quick and effective services. Whether you are looking to have a roof inspection or need something repaired, we will get you taken care of you in a fast and efficient manner.

Choose the Experienced Professionals

There are many options for roofers in El Paso but Diaz Services excels in customer service and expertise. We provide honest and direct quotes, perform quality work, and complete it in a quick and effective manner. Call us today for more information on our roofing services, pricing, or quotes.


Reach us at 915-822-0039.


We look forward to hearing from you!

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