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A/C Repair in El Paso, TX

AC Repair — Trust the Experts with Your Cooling Needs

Do you experience chest pain when opening your energy bill? Looking at the amount owed can certainly hurt. If you see your energy bill consistently increasing each month, you might be wondering what you can do to remedy this. Rising energy costs are often due to neglecting regular maintenance or AC repair on your commercial HVAC or residential HVAC system.

What Happens to an HVAC Unit Without Regular Maintenance?

Over time, components become overloaded with dust and debris, inhibiting the ability to work properly. The system needs more energy to effectively cool off your home or office. Neglected filters will also decrease the efficiency of your heating and cooling units. Regular maintenance prevents your energy bill from rising and prevents the breakdown of your heating and cooling system.


At Diaz Services, we offer an AC repair and maintenance agreement to provide your residential or commercial HVAC system with the best ongoing service. Our experts will give you peace of mind for your residential and commercial HVAC needs.


Some common culprits for AC repair include:


Filter: Many people neglect to clean or change out the filter. A filter is responsible for catching dirt and debris but when it gets clogged it begins to reduce air flow. If a monthly or quarterly change out is left unattended this can cause other issues.


Leaks: If coolant leaks  from a coil, not only will the unit not work properly, but this will also affect the overall cooling temperature. The repairs needed will depend on the location of the leak itself but only a routine maintenance will catch this before it’s too late.


Breakers or Fuses: Your AC is equipped with safeguards to ensure that the compressor does not overheat. If your motor dies, there might be a problem with the breakers or fuses.


Compressor: This is, in some way, the central component of the AC unit, which applies energy to the refrigerant and carries it through the coils to push the heat exchange. Without a working compressor, the AC unit will not cool your house.

How Do I Know I Have Air Conditioning Troubles?

Sometimes it’ll be painfully obvious, for example, if you find yourself sticking your head inside the freezer to cool down or if you turn on all the fans in your home but the house is still unusually warm. Some common signs that you need to get your AC looked at include:


Ineffective cooling: This is usually easily detectable, as you will notice a considerable difference in temperature. When your AC unit is not efficiently cooling, it is a good indication that something has gone wrong.


Low airflow:  Another way to tell is low air flow. If suddenly your unit seems to be spitting out a lot less air, you might consider getting a routine maintenance.


Odd Sounds: Perhaps you hear loud sounds or a strange whirring, humming, or rattling sound that you had never noticed before. This might tell you that something has come loose in the system or might be broken and require repair.


Diagnosing Issues

Diaz Services will first inspect the unit. Our experienced technicians have knowledge of all kinds of air conditioning units and AC repair. They will go down to your house and run a diagnostic test on your unit. From there, they will be able to tell what part has malfunctioned.

The AC Repair Process

Many times repairs may require simple adjustments or they might demand a more thorough and complete replacement of the unit. Our trained technicians will be able to diagnose the problem accurately and inform you of the best course of action. You might only need to replace a few parts, or you might have to replace your entire AC unit depending on the problem.

An HVAC Maintenance Agreement Protects Your Unit All Year Long

A maintenance service agreement offers the assurance that experienced technicians will spot a problem and fix it before it becomes worse and costs you more. By doing this, your commercial HVAC or residential HVAC unit is protected against all kinds of risks.

We provide the following:

  • High efficiency: Regular HVAC service consists of changing filters, cleaning, and lubricating parts. Your system will also receive a full inspection. In the long run, this means your system will use less energy and your utility bills will drop.

  • Scheduled notifications: Scheduled notifications alert you when your HVAC is due for a checkup. This ensures you’re getting regular AC repair and service.

  • Extended life of the HVAC system: Routine maintenance means a longer lasting system.

  • Licensed and bonded HVAC technicians: Again, no guesswork is involved when our trained and experienced technicians inspect your system. The professional maintenance your system receives will give you peace of mind and save you money. You don’t have to worry about taking care of your own units when you have the experts doing the job for you.


Stay Cool and Have Your AC Repaired with Diaz Services

Diaz Services will help you get your air conditioning back and running. AC problems are never fun but you don’t need to wait until the problem magnifies. Keep up your AC repairs and maintenance and you’ll sail through the summer with effective cooling. Call us today at 915-822-0039!

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