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Air Conditioning Installation and Repair Services in El Paso, TX

A Frosty Breeze Anytime You Like!

El Paso is a city notorious for its extremely hot summer weather. This often causes a high demand for quality air conditioning in the home or office. Who wouldn’t want to escape the boiling weather with the welcome of a frosty cold breeze at their disposal? At Diaz Services, we understand the needs of our customers. We know how best to service, maintain, and install any type of air conditioner. All of our technicians are licensed and have the experience to tackle any service or repair.

We offer brands from a range of quality manufacturers including:

  • Trane

  • Armstrong

  • York

  • Carrier

  • Tempstar

  • Goodman

  • And more

Reliable & Cost Efficient Cold Air Starts Here

Not only are we committed to offering top notch air conditioner services in El Paso, but we do so at the best prices in town. So, with over 10 years of professional HVAC experience, we've worked with countless individuals to supply cost efficient quality cooling services. We have unmatched attention to customer service and overall workmanship. In fact, we're the only HVAC business to offer the lowest Freon price in the area. We know El Paso’s cooling needs and we always meet them.


Our Air Conditioner Services Include:

  • Central air system installation

  • Central air system repairs

  • Single stage systems

  • Two-stage units up to 21 SEER

  • Swamp cooler maintenance and repair

  • Switching from a swamp cooler to refrigerated air

Refrigerated Air Conversions are Our Specialty

Switching to refrigerated air is currently very popular in the El Paso area. In part, it’s because refrigerated air systems are more reliable. They don’t break down as often and are easier to maintain. These cooling systems don’t require the same winterizing routine that swamp coolers do, and homeowners don’t have to leave windows and doors open while running a refrigerated cooling system. Another great aspect of converting is the fact that we can often use the existing ductwork. Our experts will also take a look at your property and help you make the right decision on the right refrigerated unit for the size of your home.  


If you decide you want to stick to running evaporated air we can help with maintenance and repairs to these systems are well.  The biggest benefit of a swamp cooler is the fact that they are more cost-effective. The unit itself costs less and they require less energy to run. When something breaks down they are fairly easy and quick to fix. Our certified technicians are experienced in all kinds of HVAC units and can provide you with the help you need no matter what kind of air conditioner you want.

AC Unit El Paso.jpg

Contact Diaz Services for all of Your Air Conditioner Needs

The summer heat is harsh in the southwest region. A reliable AC is essential to the comfort of homes and businesses in El Paso. That’s why we are passionate about providing quality repair, maintenance, and installation for the best results possible. As a family owned and operated business, we have been actively working hard to provide the highest quality HVAC services for both residential and commercial properties at the best possible price. Whether you are running a refrigerated air cooler or a swamp cooler, we can help with your air conditioning needs. To learn more about the air conditioner services we offer, contact us today! Call 915-822-0039.


All our cooling services are 100% guaranteed! Call us now to get your FREE conversion estimate.

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